Gariep Fly-in 2016 Info

Gariep Fly-in 2016 Info

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Hi All Gariep Pilots,

Thank you to all for registering for Gariep 2016.

The closing date was last week Monday, as of this morning we have a total of 73 registered pilots for Gariep 2016.

We visited Gariep last Monday to sort out a few things for the event. We received a very hearty welcome from many businesses and people, who are as excited as all the rest of us that we are going back. A few exciting changes have happened in town over the past 3 years; the local supermarket has been upgraded to OK’s food store, with a butcher, bakery, hardware store, bottle store etc. So you can now purchase everything you would require for the weekend in one place. In addition, there are quite a few good restaurants in the area . You can visit the Gariep Dam website to get a full list of family activities that are on offer in the area.

The Saturday evening function will be held at the local bowling green. Catering will be provided from Thursday to Saturday at the flying field. Please support these local businesses as they are going to great lengths to accommodate us. Food and beverages will be served from around 10am each morning.

We would like to thank our sponsors who have so generously come forward to help with sponsorship.

  • Aerial Concepts
  • Mr Anonymous (The Man)
  • Marius Lensing
  • Corrie Coetzee
  • Sanjay Kana
  • Dennys Electrical
  • Jets-R-Us
  • Vox Telecoms
  • Lettau Family
  • Dean Jakins
  • Pierre Fouche
  • RCT4B Hobbies
  • Darryl Legg

Thanks to our Vox Telecoms sponsorship we will have fere WiFi available for all, at the field.

For anybody else who would like to offer sponsorship please let me know.

Darryl Legg, renowned aviation artist, will once again be at Gariep doing paintings of your aircraft. On arrival, please book your spot for your painting, as it is a tedious job and he can only do a certain amount per day.

For those of you who would like to purchase our Royal Blue Dry Mac with a Jets-R-Us logo embroidered on the back,  can place orders now. Sizes range from Small to 3XL and the price per jacket is R420.00. Upon placing your order, please make the full payment into the Jets-R-Us account. Orders need to be in by latest 10th June.

Most importantly, please note that the owner of Gariep Airfield has stipulated rules and regulations with regards to our return. The most important stipulation is to avoid littering – namely bottle caps, broken aeroplanes and cigarette stompies. Free standing ashtrays will be provided along the pit area and all smokers are urged to please make use of them and not flick your stompies into the veld. Each and everyone’s support towards this issue will be gladly appreciated, as this will determine our future relationship with the owner.

Look forward to seeing you all there.

Team Jets-R-Us

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