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2018 Folded Wings Memorial Jet Weekend

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The event was held on the weekend of 24th to 28th October at the Gariep Dam Airfield. This years jet event was the 9th Jet event organised by Jets-r-us.

Pre-registration is essential prior to the event, as it gives the organiser an idea of who comes from which day and till when, as well as to allow for catering each day, the Saturday evening function and to arrange for the memorabilia.

A total of 28 pilots pre-registered with only one not arriving, and an additional 2 pilots arrived for Saturday only. On arrival on Wednesday most pilots parked their trailers to peg out their territory for the next 4 days. The weather was good but rather warm. After trailers were parked, accommodation booked into, all necessary arrangements with various parties that get involved with the weekend done, it was off to the local watering hole. It has become a tradition for all to meet at Tjalatyd on the first night of arrival.

Official flying started on Thursday morning and continued until Sunday around 12h00. The weather stayed good with a constant breeze mostly down the runway until Sunday mid morning when it picked up and got confused and started blowing 180degrees in different directions 50m apart. The wind caught Neville by surprise on landing and Dion his spotter did not know what was happening.

The temperature increased everyday making it rather unbearable in the hot sun. We soon found a solution to the problem by using the fire cart as a sprinkler system. It was enjoyed by all, young and old, as when they heard the petrol engine start up they all came running to have a refreshing shower.

Considering the heat the pilots did very well, the quality of flying by all was of excellent quality. Well done to all pilots. The weekend went off with no major incidents. One person needs a mention as his motto in life while flying a model aircraft is, if something goes wrong he will fight it down to the ground and never give up. Danie Potgieter test flew Marius Lensing’s beautifully finished Raphael jet powered by a 14KG turbine. On the start of the 4th circuit into wind above the runway both ailerons went into severe flutter destroying both servos. Danie very calmly carried on flying another complete circuit with the owner standing next to him saying “Moer hom net daar neer in die veld”. To Marius and everyone present surprise the plane touched down on its wheels in front of all on the runway. Danie instantly became Marius’s all time hero. Well done Danie “Jy kan maar”.

A special thanks to all who attended, pilots, helpers, family, friend etc. It was once again awesome to spend time with all.

On Saturday evening we had a sit down supper at the local bowling club. The local “tannies” made some awesome boere kos which was enjoyed by 48 people.

Special thanks go to all our sponsors as well as organisations that helped to make the event once again a huge success.
Saturday evening supper was partly sponsored by SAMJA
Other sponsors were
Sanjay Kana
Marko Sweiswerke
Denny’s Electrical

Thanks to the Aventura Resort for making available their water cart as a stand by fire prevention vehicle and Gariep Nature Reserve for arranging standby personnel in case of an emergency.
See you all in 2019!

2018 Gariep Fly-In

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The 11th Jets-R-Us Gariep 2018 event took place on the weekend of 4th to 8th July, The week leading up to the event was stressful for all competitors as the whole country was caught in a cold spell.

Arriving at Gariep on Wednesday morning early we were all highly surprised by the weather, it was breathless, no wind, no clouds, sunny and warm. We were met by the manna from the west coast as they had already arrived at Gariep on the Tuesday afternoon. This was their first visit to a Gariep Fly in. It was really awesome to meet all of them and also those I haven’t seen in years.

The first day is always used to set out the flight line, ready box area, crowd barriers etc. The early birds all got stuck in to do some flying as they could not resist the awesome weather. After booking in at tour beloved accommodation we set off to our local loved watering hole for some refreshments and some good supper. This is the spot where we meet the locals as well as all those that arrive just before sunset. The remainder of the pilots arrived over the next 2 days due to travelling as well as work commitments.

By Friday lunch time all who had preregistered were there. The weather throughout the weekend was awesome. Early morning a slight breeze blew from the dam side that causes the air to be cool but as the sun warms up in the day the weather became excellent.

Flying took place from around 08h00 till after 18h00 every day except Sunday. All the guys with fancy flashing lights on their planes were having fun flying in the calm weather just as the sun was setting over the horizon. A total of 75 pilots registered for the event and a total of 175 aircraft were counted. Planes ranged from foam trainers to twin turbine jets as well as some awesome sounding large war birds. The quality of flying as well as the behaviour of pilots was awesome and fun was had by all who attended. Very few mishaps occurred with only some minor incidences considering the amount of flying that took place

The normal memorabilia was handed out at registration to all pre registered pilots which was caps, beanies, beer glass etc.

Saturday evening was set aside for the annual supper and prize giving. All congregated at the local bowling green for a very good sit down supper. The evening was used to say thank you to all competitors, helpers and sponsors. Each and every pilot that attended received a gift of some sort that evening. A total of 110 people attended the supper.

A few things that was special this weekend was a missing man formation that was flown by 4 pilots chosen to commemorate the passing of 2 pilots and close friends in the weeks leading up to Gariep. We were all deeply saddened by the untimely passing of Louis Genade from Cape Town and Oluf Larsen from Henley airfield. These two gentlemen played their own important role within the model fraternity and will be missed by many.

We had a first ever at an event which is a slot for all junior pilots got to fly together. We had 8 junior pilots ranging from 6 to 17 years old who got to fly at lunch time together very successfully under the watchful eye of their dads, pilots and spectators. They deservingly received a huge round of applause. These youngsters are the future of our hobby.

One youngster stood out over the weekend putting even some of the older pilots to shame and that is young Zandre Potgieter from Mosselbaai. He is only 8 years old and put his dad Theo Potgieter (Grootbek) PMS Python 100cc through its paces. Well done lytie you did well.

The youngsters who participated are:
Christian Robinson 6
Zandre Potgieter 8
Harry Marangellis 9
Gabriel Robinson 10
Daniel Potgieter 11
Jade Powell 14
Pedri Lategan 15
Jaco Spangenberg 17
You are sure to see these youngsters at more events throughout the country. Well done guys.

A special thank you to all pilots, your wives and helpers and last but not least to our sponsors who help make this event what it is.

AMT Composites
Oloff Schoeman
Johan VD Merwe
Sanjay Kana
Dennys Electrical
Marko Sweiswerke
Unique Wooden Creations
ASP Aviation
Aerial Concepts
Topflyte Hobbies
RC Toys For Boys
Vision Composites
Bouplan Ontwerpe
Darryl Legg

See you all again at Gariep 2019!

2017 Folded Wings Memorial Jet Weekend

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Previously known as the Greg Casson Meorial Jet Weekend was held at Gariep dam Airfield from the 26th to 29th October 2017.

Pilots from various parts of SA attended the event. A total of 25 pilots pre-registered with 22 arriving at the event. A group of pilots arrived on Wednesday ready for flying on Thursday. Trailers were parked, planes unpacked and it was not long before all were burning paraffin. Most of the day Thursday the guys were able to have many flights as the weather was in our favour.

Friday was a waste of a day as we experienced howling winds 90 degrees cross winds and it was freezing cold. No flights were flown for the day. Time was spent by some doing a tour to the Hydro Electric scheme which was extremely interesting. Friday evening all attended the local water hole to have a good meal and some refreshments.

On Saturday the weather changed for the better. The rest of the pilots who could only attend the event over the weekend arrived. Many successful flights were flown by all with one mishap when Brian’s Butura lost signal and crashed with a total loss of the plane plus all equipment.

Sunday morning most departed for the trek home with a few staying behind to clock in a few extra flights, to end off a good flying weekend and a time to see old friends you only see at events like this.

Danie Potgieter clocked a lot of flights without bringing a jet to the event. He inherited the job to assist the new guys to jets as well as to help all others in sharing his knowledge of flying to all.

A special thanks to all for making the effort to attend and help to make this event so enjoyable. Thank you to our sponsor of the caps.

Looking forward to the next event to be spent with friends and fellow pilots.

2017 LOMAC RC Model Airshow

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The annual LOMAC airshow creates such a hype of excitement for the pilots who get invited to participate in this awesome event.

This year some of the pilots arrived as early as Thursday to get some early flights in at this amazing venue. Pilots came from all corners of the country some as far as Cape Town and George. The hospitality that is offered by LOMAC is hugely appreciated by the pilots as this is not offered at any other event in the country. On arrival at the field on Friday around 3 we found it to be a hive of activity with the organisers sorting out the last minute things. The road had been graded and watered down, parking for the public was graded and crowd control barriers erected and the area set aside for the trade vendors and kiddies’ entertainment was all set out.

On Saturday morning all arrived early to get planes ready before pilots briefing and the usual breakfast that was served in a large tent to all pilots, helpers and wives. A VIP guest was flown in by helicopter before the official opening of the event at 09h00. This special guest was none other than The Stig himself which created quite a stir amongst the crowd. He was part of the flying display where he got to show off his multiple talents. The weather was spot on for an air show, it was quite hot with a slight breeze down the runway.

The crowd started filling up the large spectator area from around 09h00. The public attendance was good but started to dwindle out towards the afternoon possibly due to the important rugby match taking place.

The flying displays put on by visiting pilots as well as some of the local club members kept the public entertained. There were a few items on the program that were a first for the LOMAC crowds to see. Some cardboard props were built and placed on the edge of the flight line and were rigged with some explosives. A pyrotechnic display was done by Leon Breytenbach who holds a licence to do such displays. Two displays were planned for the day, one in the morning and the large one around 16h00. In the morning display none of the props were destroyed as this was reserved for the final show in the afternoon. The show was done with a mini warbird attack over flying the ground troops and tanks and dropping bombs. It all went off with lots of loud bangs, plenty smoke and flames which was surely enjoyed by all.

The Stig show was done where he displayed his multiple talents that included flying of model aircraft. His display was interrupted when a drunk supporter wanted to have some selfies taken of him and the Stig. The Stig fan then thought it a good idea to grab the TX and also show his flying capabilities which ended up with the plane crashing head on into the ground which was a crowd pleaser.

Flying stopped around 17h00 after a very good day was had by all. Disassembling and packing away of aircraft was now the order of the day as all had to get ready for the Saturday evening closing ceremony. The event was organised in the large tent that was used for breakfast and lunches that was served to pilots and helpers.

The evening was kicked off with a prize giving for various achievements throughout the show. Thank you was said to the sponsors and to all the people who helped behind the scenes and the workers who slaved away to make this day a huge success. As Alex the chairman said in the LOMAC way “Well done guys and girls you have achieved your goal”

10th Annual Gariep Fly-in 2017

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The long awaited tenth Jets-R-Us fly in has come and gone. The event was held at the wonderful venue at Gariep Dam Aviation field and took place over the weekend of 6th to 9th July 2017.

We drove down from JHB on the Wednesday morning early and arrived at Gariep around mid day to be met by some of the pilots from Oudtshoorn. At around 4pm around 60 percent of the preregistered pilots had arrived, all wanting to get a good spot on the taxiway. The weather was absolutely brilliant with warm sunshine and a slight breeze straight down the runway. Trailers were parked, gazebos erected and planes were assembled. With help from some of the pilots the frequency board and windsock was erected. Once the crowd barrier was erected and set out we were ready for flying.

As usual as in all the past events all departed to their accommodation with the majority meeting at the local watering holes for the evening which has become a tradition on the first night.

Thursday morning the field was a buzz of activity with late comers unpacking and assembling of planes and equipment. All were very eager to get the pilots briefing done so they could start flying. Not long after the pilots briefing the pilots took to the skies and they kept the flight line busy all day with all types of aeries and everyone had great fun.

Friday the flying activity was much the same as Thursday with a few more pilots arriving. The weather was really awesome from Wednesday through to Friday. Pilots flew till sunset and some stayed on later to do displays with their planes fitted with landing and wing tip lights to create special effects.

As Saturday approached we were all well aware that this will be the last day of good weather as the forecast was for a cross wind picking up throughout the day. Early morning a slight cross wind blew but got steadily stronger throughout the day. With a few degrees drop in the day time temperature at around midday it got rather miserable and gradually the pilots started packing up for the end of this awesome weekend.

Saturday evening the most pilots, wives and families gathered at the local bowling club for a sit down dinner and a prize giving. I want to thank the local community for the spread they laid on for the supper. A special thanks to my family Paula, daughters Louis and Joanne, Wesley and Stan the Man for helping in decorating the tables. We decided to go the extra mile as this was our tenth year of organising this fly in. Various prizes were handed to the majority of pilots, the pilots name was drawn from a hat and the pilot drew a prize which was donated by some sponsors.

A R50 note was picked up on the taxi way on Friday afternoon and it was decided to do an auction for the money. This money was placed in an envelope and pilots were told that a substantial amount of money was picked up and we would now auction it off and use it as a prize. The envelope was auctioned off by Stan who got the bidders worked up and all started contributing toward auction. The bid closed once the auctioneer dropped the hammer and the last person to bid at that time won the envelope. Andre De Vries from Empangeni won the envelope. The money raised on the auction totalled R635 and was added as a prize. This prize was drawn by Sakkie Breukelman from Richards Bay. A special mention must go to the following pilots, Wynand Swart, Werner Swart, Pierre Fouche, Wesley Denysschen, Oloff Schoemann and Peet Venter for entering and attending all ten of the Jets-r-us fly in events. These gentlemen all received a hand crafted collector’s item clock to commemorate their participation. A hand crafted collector’s item clock was also handed to Darryl Legg who has sat for numerous days at every event doing paintings of various pilots aircraft. We appreciate his participation and dedication to our event and for his continued sponsorship of the painting that is handed out every year. The painting this year was awarded to Marius Lensing for his eagerness and dedication to get involved with this event every year.

All types of aircraft were flown throughout the weekend. The glider of Clint du Toit stood out above all the planes, this was an all composite aircraft with around a 6m span and was powered by a retractable electric motor with a foldable prop.

Thank you to all pilots for bringing your part in keeping the airfield neat and tidy throughout the entire weekend. Catering was done at the field by the local Glass Pont Hotel staff, and pancakes were sold by the local church community. This helped to keep the hungry tummies full for the weekend.

Gariep airfield must be one of the best venues in the country to host a fly in. It has a long enough and wide enough runway in the right direction with the sun all day behind the flight line. A large taxiway to park the planes and trailers on either side and includes a lockable hangar to store the planes overnight. The town offers a wide variety of accommodation ranging from camping, bed and breakfast to self catering. If you have never attended this event make a plan for 2018, you will not be disappointed.

A huge thank you to the sponsors who helped contribute to the flavour of this event.
Topflyte Hobbies, Aerial Concepts, 3WSA, RCB4Toys, CMC Hobbies, AMT Composites, ASP Aviation, Sanjay Kana, Oloff Schoeman, Anonymous 1 and 2, Jets-r-us, Denny’s Electrical, Afridrill, Ian Matten, Cointech, Darryl Legg, Marko Sweiswerke.


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The 5th Limeacres fly in was held on the weekend of 27th April to 1st May 2017. The event is sponsored by the Petra Diamond mines and Electr-Comp Kimberley. Special thanks goes to GM of Petra Diamond mine, Luctor Roode for making this facility available every year.

The event is organised by Brian Smith from Kimberley Radio Flyers. A total of around 25 pilots attended from around the country with the furthest travelled were Craig Robinson and his two sons all the way from Cape Town. The guys from Cape Town, Gauteng and Upington were the first to arrive on Thursday with the rest only on Friday and Saturday.

It was significantly warmer this year than other years. The wind was pleasant in the morning but started picking up with a slight cross wind in the later part of the afternoon, never the less this did not stop the guys flying and having fun.

A very large range of aircraft were present ranging from gliders, small electrics, large scale to some awesome Turbine jets. A large amount of jets were present and four successful maidens were done on three large jets and one trainer jet. Well done to Alex Kuys, Brian Smith, Jan van Soest and Andre Killian.

Very few casualties were had, the only serious one was when a Drastik wing decided to clap hands in mid air leaving a fuz and stab to travel downwards like an arrow towards the ground. Very little damage to wing other than a broken spar but nothing left of the fuz.

The local town folk were involved with serving lunch and refreshment on two of the days, this was very well appreciated. Saturday evening all pilots, wives and pilots supporters were treated to a dinner in the hotel dining room, the hotel underwent an entire face lift from the bottom upwards, it was a pleasant surprise to all. Ten out of ten to the management they were superb and the supper was of top quality as well. A prize giving was held and every pilot was handed a gift pack put together by the sponsors.

A special mention must go to a pilot who I know has attended many fly ins around the country but very seldom flies more than 3 flights on a foamy. He goes with a car or trailer full of planes and loves to sit and watch others fly and have fun. This was his first time to Limeacres, he brought 3 jets with, assembled one and had it maidened for him and he even got some time to fly it himself. Well done Andre Killian keep it up it will get easier.

Owen Smith who ran the previous events was not there this year as he had an eye operation. Owen you were surely missed, your brother Brian tried to be as witty as you but did not succeed as well, he did a good job nevertheless.

All pilots who attended had a great time and are looking forward to the event next year.
Thank you to all the organisers and friends who attended, see you all next year.

Middleburg Air show 2016

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Middleburg Air show

On Saturday 23rd July the Middleburg Aeroclub hosted an air show co sponsored with Capricorn Engineering and organised by Richard Lovit.

Phillip Lewis chairman of LOMAC in Nelspruit has a good relationship with Aeroclub in Nelspruit. During their last two air shows, one earlier this year and one last year, they were given a slot during the show to fly some models. They also made use of the venue to display models and promote their event that usually happens in August. Phillip received an invite from Middleburg Aeroclub to arrange for a jet demo on the day of the show as well as to display some aircrafts. As it would not be of any significant advertising exposure for LOMAC to advertise so far from Nelspruit, the invite was extended to the local model club but they declined to do a display, the invite was then extended to SAMAA.

Bob Skinner, Sanjay Kana and myself left JHB around 5 in the morning and were met on the highway by Stan Fincham on the way to Middleburg. Arriving at around 7am at the airfield there was a hive of activity and people flocking to the air show. We were joined by Phillip and Kevin from Nelspruit as well as Corrie Coetzee from Cors-air. We were allocated a spot next to the control tower and broadcast centre to pack out our display. We parked two trailers side by side with an awning for shade and erected a chain barrier around the outer edge to keep the public at bay. 5 Jet aircraft’s as well as a control line were put out for display.

Throughout the day we had a lot of interesting passers by asking questions. Bob took a lot of old SAMAA newsletters and these were grabbed up by interested parties. All of us were given VIP passes which entitled us access to the VIP area which was in the hangar where food and drinks were served for breakfast and lunch to all helpers, organisers and pilots.

Our slot was just after 10H00 where we were allocated a 8 minute slot time to fly a demo with 2 jets and a 3rd jet on standby. Phillip marshalled his troops onto the edge of the runway accompanied by a marshal with a two way radio who was in contact with ATC and the air show coordinator. As we got the green light we had two jets in the sky and exactly 8 minutes later we touched down. Corrie flew an Aviation design Super Scorpion and I flew a 2.7m Futura kindly lent to me for the demo by Sanjay Kana. Phillip had a Pilot RC Dolphin on standby.

A special thanks to the organisers for this opportunity and their hospitality, as well as to all who helped us erect our display area and for the loaned aircraft for flying and display. A good day was had by all and a lot of new friends were made. Lastly congratulations to the organisers for a well run air show with a very nice line up of display aircraft ranging from parachutes, aerobatic glider display, to a 4 ship jet display.

Greg Casson Memorial Jet Weekend 2016

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This was the 5th Memorial Event held in honour of Greg Casson and was held over the weekend of 21st to 23rd October 2016.

A total of 17 pilots made the effort to attend this event with most pilots arriving on Friday and a couple on Thursday. When we arrived on Thursday afternoon we were welcomed by a nice thunder shower which was very much needed.

Flying started each day at around 07h00, we flew Friday and Saturday till around 2 as by this time the wind got a bit much. By 14h00 all had had enough of flying and the planes were packed away in the hangar with various groups forming under gazebos sheltering them from the blistering sun. In the afternoon, all dispersed to various watering holes to cool off and relax after a good days flying. On Saturday afternoon we gathered in different places to watch the rugby final between the Cheetahs and the Bulls.

Sunday morning we were met with once again a beautiful day with blue skies and a slight breeze. Normally most pilots leave early but not this time, only two left early and the rest burnt the last paraffin remaining in their fuel cans. By 16h00 we were all packed up and most pilots were on their road back home. 5 pilots opted to sleep another night and depart only on Monday morning.

Pilots who attended came from Kimberley, Port Elizabeth, Gauteng, and Upington. This was one of those weekends where a lot of flights were flown by all with no serious crashes or aircraft problems. Only one flame out was had over the whole 3 days of flying.

Well done to Andre Killian who is a regular at all Jets-r-us events and he finally arrived with a Turbine Jet and he enjoyed himself immensely.

Burt Botha from PE is now bitten by the Jet bug, has gotten rid of his F3A planes and is now enjoying jet flying and mastered the art of landing this weekend. Stan Fincham had many flights and managed to perfect his take offs and landings, and entertained us with his rain dance after his first totally perfect landing.

Pierre Fouche had a new plane to be maidened, on Friday afternoon on start up he experienced a problem with the turbine, but no problem to him he packed all away and jumped in the car and rushed to Bloem to collect a spare and shot back to Gariep. He installed the motor the next day and maidened the plane with no further problems. Now that is dedication for you.

As it was Greg Casson’s weekend even he was there in spirit and giving a helping hand to those who needed a bit of guidance by the angels. On Saturday afternoon we flew the large quarter scale L39 ex Francois Diedrechsens plane now belonging to Sanjay Kana. Half way through the flight the turbine died and a decision was taken to land in the direction of the flight path as that is the longest part of the runway. The runway runs at a slight uphill to the right, the plane was held just off the runway for a little while after it disappeared out of sight and over the hill. Three of us jumped on the back of Francois Kuys bantam bakkie and raced down the runway which felt like a life time until we reached the plane. There it was parked right at the end of the runway after running through the very nicely cut grass veld adjacent to the runway and came to a stop against a fence. The fence dropper caused an indent in the LE of the right wing and a bit of a scratch underneath the right tip tank. The plane flew for more than 100m free flight. The distance from where we were flying from till where the plane came to a holt was 860m.

Thanks Cassie very much appreciated.

From the Jets-R-Us team we would like to thank all attending the event. Many of you knew Greg by name only and had possibly spoken to him on the phone. Thanks guys your attendance in honour of Greg is very much appreciated.

Danie Potgieter who attended the event without a jet came to assist Burt to get his flying sorted out. Danie ended up helping many others. Thanks Danie. On Saturday evening he said something I have to share with all the jet pilots who attended. He said he was extremely impressed with the quality of flying by all throughout the event and enjoyed the company of all.

A special thanks to Theo Marnewick for sponsoring the caps for the weekend.

Till next time,


More news of Gariep 2016

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Hi All

Have a look at the link below to see a stunning photo of activity at Gariep.

Aircrafts in Flight – Gariep 2016 (The photographer took around 400 photos and has put a whole lot of them together in one photo.)

Here is a link to the article that was published in the Volksblad about Gariep Fly In

Volksblad – Gariep Fly-In Article

Gariep Fly-in 2016

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The 9th Jets-R-Us Fly-in took place over the weekend of 6th to 10th July 2016. After an absence of 3 years the event was back at the Gariep Dam Airfield previously known as Hendrik Verwoerd Dam.

The event was the second largest Gariep Fly in with a total of 98 pilots attending.

We arrived on Wednesday lunch time after a good drive down from JHB, with most of the JHB pilots riding in convoy. We had a few PTA pilots driving in convoy who left at around 3am. Arriving at the field the venue was found as usual to be in tip top condition. We arranged to have the grass cut around the taxi way and the further side of the runway which made it more convenient to park trailers and aircrafts and for pilots and spectators to sit. It also gave more space down the taxi way for the public to walk through and not damage planes.

Trailers were parked either side of the taxiway which worked on a first come first served basis. Thursday morning a pilots briefing was held just after 09h00 with around 80% of the total amount of pilots being there with the balance of pilots arriving throughout Friday and Saturday morning. The pit area was quickly filed with pilots and aircrafts eager to get in the sky and enjoy themselves. A local caterer was on hand operating from one of the hangars making breakfast and lunch for all the hungry people. Flying took place from around 08h00 every day till darkness set in with the last pilots leaving the field around 18H00. The event drew a lot of families and friends this time with around 160 people in total attending.

Gariep offers great accommodation which makes it a great mid-year break for the whole family. The town has grown over the past 4 years with the erection of a larger supermarket, some very good restaurants and most of the accommodation being upgraded. The town folk went out their way to accommodate all and make our stay as enjoyable as possible.

Saturday evening all went off to the local bowling club where a braai was organised where around 140 people attended. A local band was supplied playing background music and were taking donations for their efforts. A overhead projector was showing some photos of the last 8 years’ of events. Before supper started a few thank you’s were done by the organisers as well as a prize giving. Every lady who attended the event was given a little gift of appreciation for supporting the man in their lives which was sponsored by Alex Kuys and Tiffe Gouws. A gift pack made up of Annique Beauty products was sponsored by the Lettau family who were most probably the most excited family to go back to Gariep and the first to book their accommodation. The gift pack was given out by doing a lucky draw with all the ladies names placed in a bowl. Around 40 prizes were given to some of the pilots which was also done in the same manner of drawing a name.

These prizes were donated by the following sponsors:
Dennys Electrical
AMT Composites
Aerial Concepts
Vox Telecoms
Pierre Fouche (3WSA)
Sanjay Kana
Dean Jakins
Mr Anonymous 1
Mr Anonymous 2
Tiffe Gouws
Alex Kuys
Corrie Coetzee (Cors-Air)
Marius Lensing (Marko Sweiswerke)
Louis Vermaak (Afridrill)
Paula Denysschen (Bag Lady)
Steven Baartman
Peter Hewitt
Chris Venter (RCT4B)
Tobie Kock (Devine Group)
Darryl Leggs (Aviation artist)

The contributions made by the sponsors helped to make the event more successful and we are very grateful for their continued support.

Every year a painting is created by the renowned Aviation artist Darryl Leggs, this is known as the Adriaan Bakker Memorial Trophy and is given to a pilot after the weekend for whatever reason the organisers feel fit. The theme for every year’s painting is based on an aircraft of the SA Airforce, this year a Cessna was chosen as the subject.

The trophy was awarded to George Van Den Bergh who was ridden by bad luck starting on the Friday evening before the event when he collected his brand new Dolphin Jet. On returning home he took it out the bakkie turned it over and the canopy fell off and shattered. With help from various modellers, family and friends a canopy was found and was delivered from Cape Town to Gariep on Wednesday whilst George was on his way from PTA. But the saga continues, at around 03H30 Wednesday morning the next bad luck struck, the trailer, a borrowed one nog al, came off the bakkie and collided along the side of the road without George realising it was no longer following him. After back tracking on the freeway around JHB the trailer was found, re hitched and ready to go. Only problem the 40 size brand new never maidened Stik was in 3 pieces, the Dolphin Jet had 2 horizontal stabs totally broken. The one third scale Cessna was in 100% condition except for the two aluminium wing spars that were bent. Arriving at Gariep spars were found at the local hardware store, what luck that was, finding 2 odd sizes in the middle of the Karoo and the Cessna was soon airworthy. For the Dolphin it took about 2 nights of him and his helpers drinking time to patch and repair the stabs but by Saturday it was up and flying. Well done to the team.

Regarding other mishaps there were only 2 prop planes damaged and some stab and nose damage on 2 jets. Overall an excellent weekend was spent with good weather and good friends. A special welcome to the 19 new pilots that made their first trip to a Jets-R-Us event and a special thanks to all who helped to keep the venue clean of litter, stompies and bottle tops.

All are looking forward to Gariep 2017 which will be our tenth year so we have to GO BIG or GO HOME and all of this JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT!!!

Till next time