2017 Folded Wings Memorial Jet Weekend

2017 Folded Wings Memorial Jet Weekend

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Previously known as the Greg Casson Meorial Jet Weekend was held at Gariep dam Airfield from the 26th to 29th October 2017.

Pilots from various parts of SA attended the event. A total of 25 pilots pre-registered with 22 arriving at the event. A group of pilots arrived on Wednesday ready for flying on Thursday. Trailers were parked, planes unpacked and it was not long before all were burning paraffin. Most of the day Thursday the guys were able to have many flights as the weather was in our favour.

Friday was a waste of a day as we experienced howling winds 90 degrees cross winds and it was freezing cold. No flights were flown for the day. Time was spent by some doing a tour to the Hydro Electric scheme which was extremely interesting. Friday evening all attended the local water hole to have a good meal and some refreshments.

On Saturday the weather changed for the better. The rest of the pilots who could only attend the event over the weekend arrived. Many successful flights were flown by all with one mishap when Brian’s Butura lost signal and crashed with a total loss of the plane plus all equipment.

Sunday morning most departed for the trek home with a few staying behind to clock in a few extra flights, to end off a good flying weekend and a time to see old friends you only see at events like this.

Danie Potgieter clocked a lot of flights without bringing a jet to the event. He inherited the job to assist the new guys to jets as well as to help all others in sharing his knowledge of flying to all.

A special thanks to all for making the effort to attend and help to make this event so enjoyable. Thank you to our sponsor of the caps.

Looking forward to the next event to be spent with friends and fellow pilots.

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