Corsair Camp & Fly

Corsair Camp & Fly

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Corsair is a flying field on the eastern side of Pretoria on the R51 Bapsfontein road where Lynwood Road joins the R51.

The club is built on a private farm belonging to Corrie Coetzee. The club is beautiful, well laid out and has all the necessary facilities for flying as well as for the whole family to enjoy.

A camp and fly was arranged on the weekend of 29th – 31st January 2016. Camping facilities are adjacent to the air field. There is a dam for fishing and for the young ones to play on with RC boats.

Most of the pilots arrived on Friday afternoon and flew untill sunset. On Saturday we had perfect weather and visitors arrived early from various parts of Gauteng. A few pilots arrived from Witbank and the club got very busy however everyone had lots of fun.

Saturday evening a braai was lit at the camp site and all enjoyed a great evening. The pit area is lit up with flood lights and was used by a few pilots to do some night flying, with some discus hand launch gliders.

Cosair is suitable to fly almost all types of aircrafts. Quite a few jets burnt up the sky as well as various large scale planes.

The highlight of the weekend was Dirk Visser’s maiden flight. A large Constellation painted in the original South African Airways colours. The plane has an approximate 5m wing span and weighs well over 30KG’s. It is equipped with 4 electric motors with 3 bladed props. Each motor is equivalent to a 50cc petrol motor. The power of these 4 motors is absolutely awesome. He had 2 flights and all went well with both. It looks awesome in the sky due to it’s large presence. Good luck Dirk and well done.

At around 12 on Sunday most of the campers packed up and departed for home as it was very hot and tiring weekend.

Visitors are welcome to to visit Corsair to camp or fly. Please contact Corrie on 0833056017 to make arrangements. There is a small fee for camping as well as flying.

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