2017 Ficksburg Fly & Braai

2017 Ficksburg Fly & Braai

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This year’s fly in was the 5th organised by the Ficksburg Flyboys. The event was held at the Maluti Air Airfield which is situated just outside of the town towards Bethlehem. The view and peacefulness is absolutely awesome.

All pilots parked either side of the taxi way and on the one apron. The runway runs down a hill to the right which made it a bit of a challenge for landings but this was soon mastered by all. The entries were stopped at 45 entries with a few more begging to be added. The entries closed at 50 but disappointingly only 33 arrived at the end of the day. This was hard for the organisers as they had catered for larger numbers and were let down at the end.

The majority of pilots and their families chose to camp at the airfield due to the great camping area right where you spend the day sitting to view the flying. They have spotlessly clean ablution facilities for men and women with electricity and hot and cold water. Something to definitely boast about.

The majority of campers arrived on throughout the day on Thursday, as well as, one or two who stayed in the guest houses in town. The field was a hive of activity all day. The weather caught us by surprise with a sudden thunderstorm drenching all as well as the inside of most tents. All was taken in good spirit, after a change of clothes and rearranging some bedding all settled down around the camp fires for a braai.

For the remaining two days pilots started flying from as early as 06h00 and continued until late at nigh. The skies were filled with a huge variety of planes (foamies, large scale, jets, hellies etc) on both day. This event is well worth the effort.

On Friday evening portable braai’s were placed along the taxiway with LED flood lights lighting up the area. Fires were supplied and all congregated in various groups around the braais to prepare food. The braais were later turned into large wood fires to stand around and enjoy the fresh air only to be found in the country. This must be the only airfield where you can sit on the runway, have a braai, and hear the roar of lions as close as 100m away.

On Saturday evening around 80 people congregated around a very large fire pit waiting for the very well prepared sheep braai with pap, gravy, salads and of course the not to be forget famous melktertjies. Partying carried on till late with good music and dancing.

Sunday was actually a non flying day as some left early in the morning. The campers started cleaning, packing up and preparing for the long trip home. A few members of the Bloem team, who had arrived late over the weekend, stayed behind to put in some flights.

The Ficksburg Flyboys is a fairly new club with only six members. Many other clubs and organisations can learn from them. They are a reminder that you don’t need many members or years’ of experience in order to organise a first class event. You just have to put your heart and soul in it and do it for the family. All RC pilots are one family irrespective of your profession, colour or choice and size of aircraft.
Thanks guys and well done on a very well organised event, all who attended are waiting for the dates for 2019. To all pilots these events are nothing without you, your family and friends.

Thank you for attending.

A huge thank you to all the sponsors who contributed in making this an awesome event.

Till next time.

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